Njalla Quan Sports Academy Announces Walk-for-Life Health Campaign

NQSA Press conference on The Walk For Life health campaign


By Basil K Mbuye

 The population of Limbe will benefit from a three-day health awareness campaign and sports walk launched by the Njalla Quan Sports Academy, NQSA.

The information was made public by the President of NQSA, Henry Njalla Quan Jr, during a press conference that took place at the centre in Man O War Bay, Limbe.

The campaign coined The Walk-For-Life, will feature free medical consultations, screening for life style conditions like hypertension, diabetes and obesity.

The campaign is organised in collaboration with the Grey Lab and will run from December 16 to 18. It will be crowned by a 10-kilometre walk in the city of Limbe.

Speaking to reporters during the press conference, Njalla Quan Jr. said it is a way to give back to the society since they can’t do that only through football.

“We want to give back to the community… football alone can’t reach out to as many people as we want. Limbe, like other towns in the Anglophone Regions, has been affected by the crisis. This has had a serious effect on the population, a majority of which is heavily invested in agriculture. Farmers have not been able to go to their farms as they have been accustomed to in the past… We want to put the population back into shape and also to remind them of the importance of physical activities and the benefit on health and general wellbeing,” he said.

The campaign is open to people of all walks of life and will have some close to 10 doctors and 30 nurses to attain to people.

On behalf of Grey Lab, Dr Martin Ekiti said it was necessary to remind the Limbe population of some of the things they need to do to stay healthy.

“…we are trying to bring the population and remind them on what they need to do to stay healthy. In doing so, we will find out what is wrong with the population. During the three-day health campaign, we are going to screen the population on diseases like hypertension, diabetes and obesity. When we have discovered what is ailing the population, we will then engage everyone in this physical activity”, Dr. Ekiti explained.

The Limbe population has been urged to turn out fully during the health campaign. The campaign and the sports walk are free of charge to the population.

The organisers of the health campaign and sports walk also said there was still enough room for sponsors and people of goodwill to come in.

During the conference, the President of NQSA also informed the population on the creation of NQSA female team. To him, this female team will take part in the 2021/2022 football season.

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