Girl Escapes Police Custody After Fleeing To Seek Refuge

By Molua Eric

A girl, identified as Mezatio Cheuna Falone has escaped police custody in Tiko Subdivision, after she initially fled to the Station following her escape from separatist fighters’ captivity. Police officers, who according to sources are now treating her as a suspect have launched a manhunt for Mezatio.

According to sources familiar with the case, Mezatio escaped from police custody on September 25, 2021, when she was taken out alongside other detainees for manual work. She is said to have outsmarted one of the officer on guard who according to sources, was distracted, as he was constantly busy on his phone. “Before they could realise, she had sprinted off and could not be caught. They went after her, but did not succeed”, our source narrated.

On what had brought her to the Police Station, an inside source said she came there on her own, telling officers that Separatist fighters were hunting her. Apparently, she had dated a Separatist fighter without knowing that he was an Ambazonian agent.

Our source said according to what she told officers in the station, she had wanted to end the relationship, and in anger, she was instead taken captive by the Separatist boyfriend and his fellow fighters. She reportedly spent several weeks in their custody, until she escaped and after getting help, decided to report the incident and seek refuge at the Tiko Police Station.

Things became tense for her, when the officers, on learning her story, rather decided to treat her like a suspect and not a victim. She is said to have been accused of separatist activities even when she explained to investigating officers that she had a relationship with a man before realising that the said man had links with Separatists, reason why she ended it, before the man and his group decided to victimise her.

The hunt launched by the Police for Mezatio, means she is now hunted on two fronts. On one side, Separatist fighters are searching for her, and on the others, police officers and other government troops are tracking and searching too.

If found by police officers, tried and found guilty, she might get a long sentence to serve, given that she will likely be charged with a terrorism-related offence.

On the other hand, if caught by Separatists, she could face the worse, given the crude form of justice they administer to their victims.