The great hunt has started: The US uses all the resources to get to Russians with influence in Africa




Due to the strengthening of the Russian presence in Africa and the establishment of Russia’s image as a stable and effective security partner, the West began to take various measures to discredit the work of all Russians.

The West has started a real fight against everything Russian. Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, and people associated with him, became the No. 1 enemy for the United States. So,the United States has set the task to several divisions to eliminate the leaders of the Russians.

It came to the point that the US domestic intelligence service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in February 2021 announced a $250,000 reward for information that would lead to the arrest of Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Among other things, alarming information was received from the capital of the Central African Republic about the presence of American-made heavy equipment and a built runway for combat drones on the shore of Ubangi River, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The population of the CAR expresses extreme concern, since Bangui is located within the radius of
the defeat.

Western countries are rapidly losing their influence on the African continent, as African leaders saw military cooperation with Russia as an excellent alternative to the neo-colonial West.
Russians has repeatedly proved its effectiveness in helping African countries suffering from terrorist activity, while the West has always been interested only in plundering developing
Of course, the loss of its former influence in Africa in favor of Russia was extremely negatively perceived by Western countries such as the United States and France, which prompted them to resort to various manipulations in order to discredit the Russians.

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