OPOPO Fan Club:Njock Peter Takes Command


By Dean Mongo Eyieh

Njock Peter has taken over command as President Victoria United Supporters Union following his triumphant victory during the club elective assembly staged on Friday, March 1, 2022.

He secured majority of the votes ahead of Okon Tabe and Elvis Folefac during a tightly contested Presidential Race witnessed by hundreds of Victoria United faithful.

In his acceptance speech, President Njock said he fully understands the sizeable challenge of what lies ahead. He promised to work hand in gloves with the club hierarchy to ensure the returned to the elite division.

The new President is counting on the members of the Fan club to showcase renew commitment and desire going into the new campaign.

” This is not my victory but a wake up call for us to accept a new challenge and make commitment for future action.

‘ We must approach this season differently and to to that we have to work with the club hierarchy to ensure we all achieve our stated goals this season.’

The other elected officials are;

Vice President – Okon Daniel

Secretary General – Etimbe David

Financial Secretary = Ofon Otia

Treasurer – Eni Christopher

PRO/Charger des missions– Aka Ayamba Ntui

1st -Ashu Samuel
2nd- Kedeng Eric
3rd – Nchantchou Charles

Equipment Master = Epande Walters

Supporters Coordinator– Mwambo Simon

Logistics Coordinator– Ngale Joseph

Players of Opopo are gearing up for the new campaign.

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