PNEU Open Door Day Gets The Thumps From Parents

PNEU Open Door Day Gets The Thumps From Parents

By Dean Mon

go Eyieh

Parents of PNEU Bota, Limbe, on October 12, 2023, generally expressed high level of satisfaction following the successful organization of the PNEU Open Door Day.

The Day which is the first since the creation of the school in 1954, provided the opportunity for parents to communicate with their child’s teacher, assess the school situation of the pupils and expectations about goals, aiming to strengthen parent-teacher partnership.

Since taking over in November 2022, the new PNEU executive Council led by Albert Enoegbe Takang have set their sights on restoring the school’s lost glory and the Open Door Day was a servant to that need.

Throughout the exercise, parents and teachers identified the shortcomings of each child and made resolutions for future action.

According to the President of PNEU executive Council, improving performance and results at the end of the each term is very high on the scale of preference of the current management team.

Parents left the school visibly happy and satisfied with the organization and honest and frank exchanges with the Teachers.

Some were even quick to suggest that such an academic exercise should be held monthly for the benefit of the children and parents.

Apart from the Open Door Day, the current school management body have organized pedagogic seminars for the teaching staff as they strive for academic excellence.

Parents’ attention has now been switched to the upcoming General Assembly scheduled for November 11 2023, in the school campus.

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